Sport Product Development Catalog

Sport Product Development (MS)

Beginning in Fall 2018, we will begin offering an online MS in Sport Product Development. Dr. Shawn O'Rourke, Chair of Department of Sport Management, is the Program Director and can provide additional information.

The sports industry generates approximately $400 billion in revenue annually. Industry statistics show that U.S. sporting equipment sales at retail sporting goods stores are roughly $60 billion yearly. Sporting goods attract a wide range of consumers and requires a variety of marketing and distribution strategies. Consider a degree in Sport Product Development for a range of career opportunities in the fields of sports, entertainment, arts and recreation.

Program Description

The Sport Product Development program emphasizes the development and management of the sporting goods industry providing the equipment needs in six different areas: competitive team sports, extreme sports, fitness, individual sports, indoor games, and outdoor recreation sports.

The online MS in Sport Product Development program is 33 credit hours (nine courses, plus six-credit internship). After completing the six core courses, you can choose to focus on either product design or retail management.  You will gain knowledge for positions in the sport product industry such as product line management, product development, merchandising, innovation and materials management, and retail, brand, or factory management.


Applicants must meet the general requirements for admission to graduate work in education. In addition, applicants must submit two letters of reference, a resume and a written essay describing their background in sport activities and career goals.


MSA 550Strategic Sport Marketing3
MSA 611Risk Management and Contract Negotiation3
SPD 500Sport Product3
SPD 501Entrepreneurship & New Venture Planning3
SPD 502Sport Marketing Research3
SPD 505Managing Global Sport Industry3
SPD 609Integrated Retail/Merchandise3
SPD 610Sport Product Logistics and Supply Chain3
SPD 799Sport Product Development Internship6
Choose one of the following:3
SPD 606
Sport Product Branding
SPD 607
Sport Product Design
SPD 608
Digital Products & Services
SPD 612
Retail Management
Total Credits33


First Year
SPD 500SPD 505
SPD 501MSA 550
SPD 502MSA 611
Second Year
SPD 609SPD 799
SPD 610 

 Students must choose one elective from the following list: SPD 606, SPD 607, SPD 608, or SPD 612

Learning Goals and Objectives

Learning Goal 1: Knowledge-Observed in Writing

Candidates in the GR Sport Product Development program will demonstrate content and professional knowledge necessary for successful performance in their field.

Students will:

  • Objective A:  Demonstrate an understanding of the common principles of sport management; sport leadership; sport operations management; event and venue management; and sport governance.
  • Objective B:  Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of finance, and the economics of sport as they fit into national and international economies.

Learning Goal 2: Knowledge – Observed Skills and Dispositions

Candidates in the GR Sport Product Development program will demonstrate professional skills and dispositions necessary for successful performance in their field.

Students will:

  • Objective A:  Demonstrate the ability to communicate with various public and professional audiences through written texts, oral discussions, and multi-media presentations.
  • Objective B:  Demonstrate skill in the application of the basic principles of interpersonal and mass communications through interaction with internal and external sport publics.
  • Objective C:  Demonstrate essential management and business related skills in the work place.
  • Objective D:  Demonstrate skillful operation of technology and assessment related tools that may be applied to various sport management settings.

Learning Goal 3: Service

Candidates in the GR Sport Product Development program will demonstrate willingness to use their skills to benefit and serve society.  Within the contexts of their work, candidates promote authentic learning, social and emotional development, and a commitment to social justice in environments that foster respect for diversity and the dignity of all. 

Students will:

  • Objective A:  Understand the critical social, psychological, and philosophical base issues of the sport environment.
  • Objective B:  Understand moral and ethical implications of sport policy and strategies.

Learning Goal 4: Professionalism 

Candidates in the GR Sport Product Development program will demonstrate self-reflection as a habit of mind, continuously assessing and refining their professional practice as they construct a rich repertoire of research-based knowledge, skills, and attitudes for effective performance ensuring that all students and/or clients have optimal opportunities to learn and grow.

Students will:

  • Objective A:  Learn to ask challenging, probing questions and seek thorough, well-rounded answers.
  • Objective B:  Act with integrity and fairness to ensure a professional system of accountability for every student’s academic and social success and will model principles of self-awareness, reflective practice, transparency, and ethical behavior.

Learning Goal 5: Leadership 

Candidates in the GR Sport Product Development program will become adept at applying their acquired knowledge in the process of evaluating their own professional performance and decision-making with respect to its impact on students and/or clients, organizations, and wider community.

Students will:

  • Objective A:  Demonstrate the ability to assume leadership roles in various professional settings and work effectively with diverse groups and organizations seeking to improve the performance of those they lead.
  • Objective B:  Understand and can anticipate and assess emerging trends and initiatives in the sport environment.


SPD 500 Sport Product 3 Credits

Strategic understanding of the athlete and consumer insights that drive new markets globally and the tactical process of creating sport products including innovation, design, development, merchandising, testing, commercialization, costing and manufacturing. The course includes go-to-market approaches including pricing, discounting, marketing, allocations, sales and retailing.

Restriction: Sport Product Development majors only.

Offered: fall.

SPD 501 Entrepreneurship & New Venture Planning 3 Credits

Student and student teams engage in customer discovery and brand strategy along with an assessment of innovative market opportunities and business requirements for the product creation process. Students should develop the requirements and insights to build a solid Brand Strategy.

Restriction: Sport Product Development majors only.

Offered: fall.

SPD 502 Sport Marketing Research 3 Credits

The focus is on global sport marketing research and consumer insight. Market research tools include research design, measurement, experimental and non-experimental techniques, analysis and interpretation of data and reporting research results. A major focus of the course will be on consumer insight as part of your brand strategy. Sport Product Development majors only.

Offered: fall.

SPD 505 Managing Global Sport Industry 3 Credits

To prepare managers to work effectively with people and companies from highly divergent cultural backgrounds to succeed in an increasingly competitive global sport industry. The course will examine how basic organization and management processes can differ across borders, as well as various management strategies for accommodating these differences. Emphasis is also given to developing the global management skills necessary to succeed in the new global economy. Sport Product Development majors only.

Offered: spring.

SPD 606 Sport Product Branding 3 Credits

With an emphasis on sports product brands, this course is designed to explore company branding strategies, how customer insight drives sources of differentiation that drive brand attributes, positioning and brand name, various methods of creating a brand name, how a brand fits into product line strategy, price-performance position and value creation, and competitor analysis and brand positioning. The end of course deliverable will be a brand strategy brief. Sport Product Development majors only.

Offered: spring.

SPD 607 Sport Product Design 3 Credits

Focuses on designing products with an athlete and consumer focused product brief. The course will include learning about materials, sustainability specifications, as well as how to make a prototype. The main goal of this course is for you to design and the production methods for any sports product. Sport Product Development majors only.

Offered: spring.

SPD 608 Digital Products & Services 3 Credits

This course will focus on digital strategies used in the sports product industry as well as learn about digital strategies used outside the sports product industry along with emerging digital platforms and strategies. Sport Product Development majors only.

Offered: spring.

SPD 609 Integrated Retail/Merchandise 3 Credits

Learn about merchandising, pricing, discounting, allocations, retail management, consumer shopping behavior as well as store layout and retail sales. Sport Product Development majors only.

Offered: fall.

SPD 610 Sport Product Logistics and Supply Chain 3 Credits

Strategic and tactical issues pertaining to the distribution and delivery of sport products and services. Methodologies and systems for designing, tracking, and managing the complex global sport operations. This course also cover global sourcing strategies and the global supply chain used by the sport product companies including the history of sourcing in Asia and the importance of managing sustainability in this process. Sport Product Development majors only.

Offered: fall.

SPD 612 Retail Management 3 Credits

Students will gain an understanding of organizational and environmental issues and how they manage these contingencies through its structure and strategy to gain competitive advantages. The focus will be on diagnosing and assessing organization situations and to show how large and small firms can be more effective and efficient. Sport Product Development majors only.

Offered: fall.

SPD 799 Sport Product Development Internship 3-6 Credits

The Canisius University Master of Sport Product Development (MSD) Internships are designed to provide a supervised exposure to a professional practice through a well organized, carefully administered program of study. Each field experience has specific objectives and assignments that are adjusted to meet each student's specific internship requirements. The internship should enhance the student's learning by working as a member of the sport industry. The internship is a culminating activity required of all students pursuing the Master of Sport Product Development degree. The average participation for the internship is approximately 20 weeks. The intern should expect to participate an average of 15-20 hours per week for a total of 400 hours. The internship required must be completed in ONE calendar year, continuous enrollment required. The Internship will provide an integration of academic study with practical work experiences and training on the job. It will serve as a continuing and essential element of the educational process.

Restrictions: Graduate Sport Product Development majors only.

Offered: every fall & spring.