Tuition/Fees and Refund Policies

Canisius College Physician Assistant Studies Estimated Program Costs for Students

Tuition: $91,020
The 2019/2020 Canisius College graduate tuition rate is $820/credit hour. Total credits for this program are 110 over seven semesters resulting in a total tuition cost of $91,020. This does not include college and program fees listed below.
Canisius Graduate Fees: $2520
  • College Fee: $15/credit hour, capped at 9 credit hours per semester = $140/semester
  • Technology Fee: $10/credit hour, capped at 9 credit hours per semester = $90/semester
  • Wellness Fee: $130/semester
PA Program Fees: ($235/semester covers) $1645
The PA program fees have been lumped together and then divided by 7 to provide a consistent cost for students to budget.  The total of $1645 covers the following:
  • BLS/ACLS/PALS: (one-time fee): $300
  • Medical Library (Textbooks; $30/semester): $210 
  • Lab/simulation fees: $200/Semester (4 didactic semesters): $800
  • PANCE prep course: ( one-time purchase): $200
  • Background check/Drug Screening: (Addional fees may occur as some rotations will require addional checks and/or screenings):  $135
Total Estimated PA Program Costs $95,185

Additional Possible Student Expenses 

  • Professional Memberships: $250 (Student memberships in professional associations estimated at $250 per length of program)
  • Medical equipment (Average cost): $850
  • Parking fee ($35/year for graduate students): $115
  • Student Health Insurance (Variable): Students must provide their own health insurance coverage.
Please note: Tuition and fees are subject to increase each academic year.  

Refund Policy

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