Combined (Joint) Degree and Early Assurance Programs

Early Assurance Programs allow students to apply to professional schools earlier during the first two years of college, freeing them to take advantage of other learning opportunities during the typical application period. Combined (Joint) Degree Programs allow students to accelerate the time to their degrees, typically by completing three years at Canisius and four years in their professional studies, and earning both the Bachelor’s degree and the Professional Doctorate degree. Some programs specifically hold seats for Canisius students.

These programs help highly qualified Canisius students get an early start on the medical/health graduate school admissions process because they apply either at the same time they apply to Canisius while a senior in high school or during the freshman or sophomore year at Canisius. This provides the student time and flexibility during their undergraduate education to take advantage of such opportunities as studying abroad or gaining additional research experience.

Some programs (3+3 or 3+4) allow students to accelerate their education by completing three years at Canisius and three or four years in their professional studies, earning both the Bachelor's degree and the professional Doctorate degree in six or seven years (combined/joint degree). Other programs allow students to apply earlier than the typical application timeframe but students complete their undergraduate degree prior to beginning professional studies (early assurance program).

The Early Assurance Program and Combined/Joint Degree Program were instituted to:
  • Allow students the freedom to take a broader range of classes to expand their knowledge.
  • Alleviate the application pressure students feel over the course of undergraduate study.
  • Allow time for other significant learning and service activities such as research or study abroad.
  • Provide incentives to bright students to pursue medical and health professional school in this region.
  • Encourage excellent pre-medical/pre-health students to become part of the extensive Canisius medical alumni network.

How High School Students Can Apply

Students apply both to Canisius and to the program of interest while in high school. Each program has its own requirements and process for application. Contact your admissions officer or the Pre-Medical Center for guidance in this process. 




How Freshmen and Sophomores Can Apply

The Canisius Pre-Medical Center conducts regular workshops on how to apply to these programs and also assists students in beginning their application portfolio in the freshman year. Make sure you are registered with the Pre-Med Center. Each program has its own requirements and process for application. For programs requiring a recommendation, Canisius provides a letter via our Health Science Advisory and Recommendation Committee. Contact the Pre-Medical Center for additional information or guidance in this process. 

Specific Requirements for Each Program

Each program has its own requirements and process for application. Please note that it is important to check with the PreMed Center advisors and individual program for the most accurate information.


For more, visit the Program Requirements page

  • Programs available to current Canisius students include:
  • Advantages of the Combined (Joint) and Early Assurance Program
  • High school students may apply to both Canisius and the following programs:
  • Canisius freshmen may apply to:
  • Canisius sophomores may apply to:
  • International students may apply to:

If a student is not accepted into the EAP or Joint Program, it will not diminish the student's future chances for a particular school. The student may apply in the traditional manner after junior or senior year.