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As a science, psychology is the study of the mental processes, behavior and experience of humans and animals. As a profession, its goal is to apply psychological principles to help individuals, groups and institutions to improve people’s lives. Study psychology and help improve the well-being of those around you. 

Program Description

The Psychology program is rigorous and flexible. You will have personalized attention, a wide range of courses, varied research and internship opportunities and excellent scientific facilities. Choose from more than five minors that will enable you to specialize in an area of particular interest such as neuropsychology, organizational, forensic, school or sports psychology.

Specially designed programs in the aforementioned minors, and other professionally directed experiences, will train you in a specific area and help you better plan post-graduate careers. A variety of internships leading to jobs and career opportunities are available as well as research opportunities with faculty members to supplement classroom learning. Students can leave prepared to enter careers in such fields as social work, social services, clinical and cognitive neuropsychology, education, law and more. 

To view course information and much more about the program, view the Psycholopedia, a microsite managed by student and faculty.

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Students benefit from small class sizes that provide individualized attention from faculty. Research assistantships in the majors or experiential learning opportunities in the associated minores provide a head start on graduate careers.


Recent Psychology program graduates are employed or enrolled in graduate studies.

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