Becoming a Teacher

The faculty of the School of Education and Human Services seek to prepare highly effective, professional, and socially committed educators. Choose from undergraduate and graduate programs below for those looking to become certified to teach.   

Adolescence Education- Undergraduate

If you want to make a difference in young lives, consider our adolescence education major. You will have the opportunity to exceed the New York State requirement for 100 hours of fieldwork even before you begin student teaching.

Adolescence Education- Graduate

This program will lead to earning you New York State Initial Adolescence Teaching Certification. This will make you qualified to teach a content area in grades 7-12. Anyone with a Bachelor's degree may apply to this program.

Childhood Education/TESOL

This program is for those that have a Bachelor's degree and are interested in teaching English as a second language. This is an on-campus program and leads to certification in CH and ESOL.

Childhood Education 1-6/Special Education 1-6

This program will give students the tools to work with students with varying degrees of special needs. This is for someone with no education background looking to become certified in both CH and SWD.

Dual Degree: BA/BS in Content Area and Students with Disabilities Generalist 7-12 (MSEd)

The dual degree program enables you to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in your desired content area—Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Mathematics or Social Studies (history)—as well as a Master's of Science in Education in Adolescence Education (Grades 7-12), Teaching Students With Disabilities (SWD) Generalist.

Physical Education and Health

The program offers dual initial certification in physical education and health to teach students in kindergarten through grade 12.

Physical Education Initial Certification

This program allows students to gain their initial teaching certification and Master's degree in teaching Physical Education in the state of New York. 

Special Education/Childhood Education

The program prepares you for teaching both Childhood Education and Childhood Special Education which covers students with disabilities. Upon completion, you will be qualified to teach at the grades 1 to 6 level and in high needs classroom settings.

Western New York Teacher Residency

This is a program for people who are passionate about urban education with no experience necessary. Graduates of this program must make a commitment to teach in Buffalo Public Schools for at least three years.