IGSOR 306: Health, Wealth, and Faith in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country filled with contradiction. While most Filipinos are very poor and live in squalor, there is a significant sector that is very rich. While the country manifests immense religious fervor, there is widespread corruption and violence. While Filipino cities are crowded, choked by traffic jams, and polluted, the Philippines have some of the most beautiful mountains and beaches in the world. This immersion seminar will travel to three different locations to experience and learn from these contradictions: the small island of Bohol, the huge mega city of Manila and the influential Ateneo De Manila Jesuit University, and the Northern mountainous city of Baguio. In each location we will investigate the connections and interactions between religion, public health, and the country’s financial situation. We will hear presentations from economists, historians, theologians and anthropologists. We will visit numerous public health venues such as public and private hospitals, mid-wife birthing centers, organizations that care for the deaf, a holy mountain inhabited by animists, and numerous different churches. We will tour a major transnational corporation and speak with its CEO. Alongside our studies, we will hike, snorkel and see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. While this course is open to all students, it will be of particular interest to Religious Studies majors and minors, Pre-Med. Students, and business majors and minors.

Credit Information: 3 credit hours. Fall semester 2018, Justice Attribute.

Cost: $3,500. This includes room, board, flights, and credits

When it will run again: July 9-27th, 2018

Contact info: Dr. Timothy Wadkins (wadkins@canisius.edu) & Dr. Allyson Backstrom (backstra@canisius.edu)