MBA 686: Doing Business in the EU

The course is a combination of on-line learning and field work.  During the semester we have weekly readings and Discussion Forums using the D2L Course Management program.  There are two homework assignments during this time.  That time is used to familiarize students with the key issues facing the European Union today and for them to find a focal point for their interest in doing business there. At the end of the semester, there is one period of Field Work consisting of formal lectures, presentations and interactive group work that takes place in England, France and Belgium.  During that week, students  have the opportunity to engage in discussions and activities that will help them to delve into their topic of interest.  We conclude with a short reflection on what they have learned. This is open to MBA students, both from Canisius and other Jesuit universities.

Credit information: 3 credit hours

Aprox. Cost:
European Study Program Cost: $1950 (payable by all participants)

Non-refundable deposit: $300 (deducted from program cost)

Tuition including fees: $2545 (except for one-year MBA students since it is included in their overall tuition)

When it will run again: England, France and Belgium, May 10-20, 2018

Contact information: Dr. Coral Snodgrass (