Mission Moment

June 24, 2019

The Office of Campus Ministry offered a new immersion experience this May to explore the realities, causes and effects of migration. A 10-person delegation, led by Associate Campus Minister Kaitlyn Buehlmann ’14, along with President John Hurley and his wife, Maureen, began their immersion in El Salvador, learning about the root causes and effects of migration. They then traveled to the U.S./Mexico border in Nogales, AZ and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico to see the work being done by the Kino Border Initiative (KBI). Canisius partnered with faith-based organization CRISPAZ for both legs of their journey. The group was challenged by its Executive Director Francisco Mena Ugarte to “remember the importance of listening to understand instead of listening to respond.” Buehlmann said this idea “was a powerful conversation that helped set the tone for the week.”

Read highlights from the group's experiences here.

Click here to read President Hurley’s “My View” piece published in The Buffalo News entitled, “Lessons in compassion on trip to El Salvador.”


Pictured: (front row l-r): Bryana Lewin MS '19, Morgan Morris '21, Rodrigo Ortiz '21 and Rachel Joachimi '20; (back row l-r): Jesana Gadley '20 and Jenna Kegler '19​


Pictured (front row l-r): Vivian Mroz '19, Jesana Gadley '20, Bryana Lewin MS '19, Morgan Morris '21 and Rodrigo Ortiz '21; (back row l-r): Kaitlyn Buehlmann '14, Rachel Joachimi '20, Jenna Kegler '19, Maureen Hurley, President John Hurley and Kevin Yonkers (director of Casa de la Americas)​


Pictured (front row l-r): President John Hurley, Maureen Hurley, Morgan Morris '21, Bryana Lewin MS '19, Rachel Joachimi '20, Jesana Gadley '20 and Vivian Mroz '19; (back row l-r): Rodrigo Ortiz '21 and Kaitlyn Buehlmann '14