Genesee Community College Articulation Agreements

Articulation Course Equivalency is an advisement resource for students and academic advisors. It includes requirements for the two-year degree with Canisius College course equivalents and recommendations. Students should work with their advisor at their two-year college to ensure they are taking the correct courses to completing their degrees. 

Articulation Agreement is the formal agreements signed by officials at both the two-year college and Canisius College. 

Program Roadmap outlines the recommended semester schedule for a Canisius College program. It focuses specifically on the program's course requirements. This outline does not take into consideration the courses that may be transferring in from a two-year college. This is only meant to serve as a reference tool.


Canisius Programs Articulation Course Equivalency Articulation Agreement Program Roadmap
Accounting Business Administration  Agreement Roadmap
Animal, Behavior, Ecology and Conservation Natural Sciences: Biology Concentration Agreement Roadmap
Biochemistry Natural Sciences  Agreement Roadmap
Biology Natural Sciences: Biology Concentration Agreement Roadmap
Chemistry (Health Track) Natural Sciences Agreement Roadmap
Creative Writing  Humanities and Social Sciences: English Concentration Agreement Roadmap
Criminal Justice BA Criminal Justice  Agreement Roadmap
Criminal Justice BS Criminal Justice  Agreement Roadmap
Digital Media Arts Digital Art Agreement Roadmap
Economics Business Administration  Agreement Roadmap
English Humanities and Social Sciences: English Concentration Agreement Roadmap
Environmental Science Natural Sciences: Environmental Biology Concentration Agreement Curriculum
Environmental Studies Liberal Arts and Sciences Natural Sciences: Environmental Biology Agreement Roadmap
Finance Business Administration  Agreement Roadmap
History Humanities Social Science: History Concentration  Agreement Roadmap
Management Business Administration  Agreement Roadmap
Marketing  Business Administration  Agreement Roadmap
Political Science General Studies Agreement Roadmap
Psychology BA Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration Agreement Roadmap
Sociology Humanities and Social Sciences: Sociology Concentration Agreement Roadmap
Spanish Humanities Social Science: Spanish Concentration Agreement Roadmap
Sport Management Sport Management Studies Agreement Roadmap