Creative Writing Student Testimonials

We sat down with some graduating and rising seniors, asking if they’d consider a few questions about their experiences in the Canisius College Undergraduate Creative Writing Program.

We asked our students five questions:
  • How has this program changed you?
  • What will you take into the world beyond Canisius?
  • Is there a specific program experience that had a significant impact on you?
  • Are there ways you're a stronger writer than before you enrolled?
  • What would you say to a student who is considering entering this program?

We were delighted to witness the thoughtful articulation of our young writers. They were gracious enough to allow us to share their observations here:

This video is a production of the Canisius College Creative Writing Program.

With thanks to Canisius College Creative Writing Program students for sharing their experiences:

Kelsey Colwell
Michelle Denton
Aryanna Falkner
Jolene Flammger
Nicole Kuhn
Rayel Louis-Charles
Natalie Medina
Darby Ratliff
Elizabeth Sawka
Alexandria Scott 
Alex Segelhurst
Simone Shuster-Zimicki
Justin Smith
Gabrielle Weiss
Felicity Werner

Special thanks to dedicated Creative Writing alum Brittany Gray (’10): videographer, editor, all around supporter,

and thanks to Erik Michaelsen, for technical assistance.