Living Learning Communities


At Canisius, you'll connect with like-minded students from the moment you step on campus.  Residing in a Living Learning Community (LLC) allows you to live with students that have similar interests adn majors as your own.  Activities and field trips are sponsored by the department and students in which the community associates itself; faculty and upperclassmen help to run workshops and review sessions for exams.  Immediately you are provided with a network of classmates that understand the struggles associated with your field of study.  In addition, your involvement and connections throughout campus receive an extra boost, which often improves your outlook on campus life.  

  • ANIMAL BEHAVIOR, ECOLOGY, & CONSERVATION (ABEC) – The ABEC learning community is open to students who have a passion for animals of all shapes and sizes.  The ABEC LLC will provide opportunities to learn, volunteer, and raise awareness about animal-related issues like welfare, conservation, or animal care.  Students will participate in discussion sessions, interactions with faculty, and periodic events within the residence halls and in places around Buffalo!  Priority will be given to incoming ABEC majors, but all are welcome to apply. 
  • FRESHMAN HONORS – Expand your mind and your heart when you live on the freshman honors floor in Bosch Hall.  Reserved solely for first-year students in the All-College Honors Program, this living and learning arrangement encourages community and camaraderie among Canisius’ honors students.
  • SCIENCE FLOOR – The science community is open to students interested in science regardless of major. Activities and programs ease the challenge of difficult coursework. Conquer a subject with study groups, on-floor exam review, and explore science on trips throughout the city. Cross-curricular engagement will help you think from new perspectives and find unconventional solutions to every challenge you face.