Study Abroad

Canisius College students who study abroad say it is a life-changing experience which significantly expands their personal and professional horizons. The college offers diverse study abroad opportunities in 13 countries and 21 locations. While several Canisius majors require an international experience, students of all majors should consider study abroad.

How does the study abroad experience benefit a students’ educational experience at Canisius College? Students who study abroad: Develop valuable life skills such as independence, flexibility, cross-cultural awareness/communication and problem-solving. Enhance their knowledge of global relations and deepen their knowledge of cultural and societal differences. Travel, meet new people and gain confidence. Get jobs. They acquire marketable skills which are sought by potential employers in this global economy. Become more fluent in a foreign language when they immerse themselves in the culture and live among native speakers (however, some locations have no language requirement). According to an article in the Huffington Post, four out of five business leaders say that if similar candidates were before them and one had study abroad experience and one didn’t, they’d almost always hire the one with study abroad experience.