Anthony DiGesare

Adjunct Professor

anthony digesare

B.A., Cultural Studies, Empire State College
M.A., English, Buffalo State College
Ph.D. Candidate, English, McMaster University

CT 910

Anthony DiGesare's research and interests include postcolonial literature, Sam Selvon, American film, Black British film, writing and rhetoric, and Cultural Studies. He is currently working on a dissertation “No Recourse”: Menelik Shabazz, Horace Ové, and Black British Cinema (1968-1981) at McMaster University in the English and Cultural Studies department. He has been teaching at both Canisius University and Buffalo State College since 2016.


  • Best Graduate Essay Award and Scholarship at Buffalo State for a conference paper entitled,
  • “Confining Country, Confining City: Real and Imaginary Places in Caribbean Cinema", 2015.
  • Outstanding Master’s Thesis award at Buffalo State College, 2016.


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