Davide Salvo, PhD

Adjunct Professor

CT 601

Dr. Salvo’s research focuses on social aspects of Imperial Rome and Late Antiquity, such as ethnicity, cultural assimilation, immigration, frontiers, and on imperial historiography, especially Tacitus, Ammianus Marcellinus and the fragmentary historians of the fourth century AD. He has taught Latin, Greek, and Italian, Medical Terminology, and Classical Archaeology. He currently teaches Greek and Roman tragedy and Immigration, Borders and Walls in the Ancient World.


  • Excellence in Teaching award (SUNY Buffalo)
  • College of Art and Science Dissertation Fellowship, SUNY at Buffalo (April 2016).
  • DAAD Forschungsstipendium (Annual Fellowship) at “Christian Albrechts Universität zu Kiel.” Kiel (October 2011-July 2012). (Declined)
  • DAAD Fellowship for an “Intensivsprachkurs Deutsch.” München (August 2- September 28 2011). (Declined)
  • Fellowship at Fondation Hardt, Vandouvres, Genève (May 11 - June 06 2009)


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