Graham Stowe

Assistant Professor

Director of the Writing Center

Ph.D., University of South Carolina
M.A., University of Tennessee
B.A., University of North Carolina at Charlotte

CT 906

Dr. Graham Stowe specializes in writing center theory and composition pedagogy. He has taught first-year writing courses with focuses on education theory, cultural studies, and the Harry Potter novels. He has also recently taught upper division courses on writing center theory and practice, the teaching of writing, and American literature. Writing is central to each of Dr. Stowe’s classes, both as a way to learn course material and to help students grow academically and personally.

Dr. Stowe’s research focuses on writing center pedagogy. He is currently working on a project that investigates relationship between writing center pedagogy and the Brazilian education theorist Paulo Freire. The essay will reconfigure cultural definitions of love and then interrogate the ways in which a pedagogy of love operates in the context of a writing center.


  • University of South Carolina Outstanding Freshman Advocate Award Finalist
  • University of South Carolina Cile Moise Teaching Award for Instruction in First-Year English