Nancy Rosenbloom


University of Rochester PhD. American History
University of Michigan, M.A. Modern European History
Smith College, A.B. Honors in History

CT 612

Dr. Nancy J. Rosenbloom offers a variety of courses in nineteenth and twentieth century American history for majors and non-majors. She is interested in provoking students to think about the past and to explore ways that individual Americans have met challenges in building the nation. She combines lecture and discussion format in the classroom and encourages active student participation. She also employs interdisciplinary materials and frequently assigns fiction and film as well as historical texts. Among the courses that she teaches regularly are The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt, America in the Progressive Era, American Women’s History, and The History of New York. She also team- teaches with her colleague Professor Larry E. Jones Representations of the Holocaust in Literature, Film, and Music. She has published a textbook in American Women’s History and a number of articles on different aspects of progressive reform in the early twentieth century. She is currently faculty advisor to the Iota Lambda Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta the national history honors society that brings speakers to campus and sends students each year to the regional conference to present their work in a supportive environment of students and faculty from participating campuses. She serves on several university-wide committees including one dedicated to exploring the dynamic field of digital humanities.


  • Participant in Silberman Seminar, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • Canisius University Arts and Sciences Faculty Service Award
  • John R. Oishei Distinguished Teaching Award with Larry E. Jones, “The Jewish Experience in Comparative Perspective: Europe and America,”
  • I. Joan Lorch Award in Women's Studies; Canisius University
  • NEH Summer Research Faculty Fellowship; NEH Summer Seminar Fellowships


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“From Greenwich Village to Hollywood: The Literary Apprenticeship of Sonya Levien” Journal of Gilded Age and Progressive Era (January, 2015):80-94.

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