Secil Ertorer

Associate Professor

Secil Ertorer Canisius Professor Sociology & Collaborative Program in Migration and Ethnic Relations, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada.
Masters of Art in Sociology, Hacettepe University, Turkey.
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Hacettepe University, Turkey.
Certificate in Psychology, Hacettepe University, Turkey.


OM 014C

Secil E. Ertorer earned her Ph.D. in Sociology, with a specialization diploma in Migration and Ethnic Relations from The University of Western Ontario in Canada. With a rich background spanning fifteen years, she has taught sociology, gender studies, and honors courses at various Canadian and American universities, employing experiential learning pedagogy. Her teaching and research interests lie in the areas of race/ethnicity, racism, diversity, international migration, refugee studies, settlement experiences, integration policies, social problems, and identity.

She has published academic articles and book chapters delving into the topics of asylum-seeking, resettlement, and integration experiences of refugees, the effects of these processes on identity reconstruction, barriers in the labor market, and workplace diversity. Actively engaged in meetings and social movements, she participates in initiatives aimed at increasing awareness about refugee issues. Currently, Dr. Ertorer is at the forefront of a research project and the authorship of a book addressing xenophobia and racism in the COVID-19 era.


  • Dr. John Lorch Award, Canisius University, Women and Gender Studies Program
  • Canisius University Dean’s Summer Research Grant
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Innovation Grant
  • Canisius University Mission and Identity Program Development and Research Grant   
  • Canisius University Honors Program New Course Competition
  • SSHRC Small Research Grants
  • York LAPS International Collaborative Research Grant
  • Mitacs-Accelerate Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Canadian Sociological Association
  • The Ellen Nilsen Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Department of Sociology, The University of Western Ontario


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