Parking at Canisius University

September 1, 2021

Buffalo, NY - Demolition work related to the Science Hall Parking Ramp is currently underway at Canisius University.  The parking ramp had been deteriorating since Canisius acquired it from Uniland Development in 2008 and reached a point beyond repair.  As a result, the college made the decision to replace the ramp with a surface lot, which will provide approximately 420 parking spaces in a new, well-lit and attractively landscaped space.  The project is an essential, long-term investment that will enhance the appearance and safety of the Canisius campus.

To alleviate the loss of parking spaces due to the closure of the Science Hall Parking Ramp, the college has developed a parking plan for the fall and spring semesters that prioritizes the need for students and faculty to have access to parking closest to campus.  Specific parking lots are now designated for resident students (C Permits), commuter students (D Permits), and faculty and staff (A and B Permits).  The parking lots listed below for each group are clearly marked on campus and identifiable on the campus map. As adjustments are made, please allow for additional time as we update signage. 

RESIDENT STUDENTS (C Permits) – Parking is designated for residential students in the following locations:

Delavan Townhouse Lot (Lot 23)
Village Townhouse Lots (Lots 10, 11, 12)

The Canisius shuttle is available to take students to and from the Delavan Townhouse lot.  Additionally, the college has relaxed parking rules between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. and on the weekends with the exception of the Tower, Main/Eastwood & Loyola Lots.  This will allow resident students in Bosch, Frisch and Dugan to park closer to campus during non-peak hours.

COMMUTER STUDENTS (D Permits) - Parking is designated for commuters in the following locations:

Upper KAC Lot (Lot 18)
Spillman Lot #1 behind the Health Science building (Lot 20)
Health Science Lot (Lot 17)
Eastwood and Loring Lots (Lots 5,6)
Lyons Hall Lot #2 (Lot 8)
Temporary Lot Behind Lyons Hall (Lot DDD)

FACULTY / STAFF (A Permits) - Parking is designated in the following locations:

Rear Health Science Lot (Lot CCC)
Old Main Lot (Hughes Avenue) (Lot 2)
Main-Eastwood Lot (Bagen) (Lot 3)
Main-Jefferson Lot (M&T Courtyard) (Lot 15)
Lyons Hall Lot #3 (Lot 9)
Limited spaces near Loyola Hall (Lot 4)

FACULTY / STAFF (B Permits) – Parking is designated in the following locations:

Lower KAC (Lot 19)
Lyons Hall Lot #4 (Lot 25)
Science Hall Main Street Lot (Lot 26) *temporarily available until demolition begins
Rear Health Science Lot (Lot CCC)

Canisius University will continuously examine parking patterns to keep abreast of any adjustments it can make to improve the parking situation. 

By next summer, the summer lot will be finished, providing a pedestrian-friendly and significantly safer area for the Canisius community, and contributing to the overall aesthetic of the college's historic neighborhood in Hamlin Park.