Childhood Education/TESOL - Graduate Catalog

Childhood Education 1-6/TESOL K-12 (MSEd)
Department Chair:  Marya Grande, PhD
Degree:  MSEd

The Childhood/TESOL Master of Science in Education Degree Program at Canisius is designed for those dedicated to meet the needs of English Language Learners, placing a strong emphasis on theory, research and practicum experience.  The curriculum enables candidates to develop an understanding of etiology, related psychological and social factors and techniques proven effective for teaching students with diverse learning needs.  

This program combines the Childhood (1-6) program with the Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (K-12) program to prepare new candidates to gain initial and professional certification in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) and TESOL (Grades K-12). Please note that most of the Childhood courses are face to face but all of the TESOL courses are taught fully online and asynchronously.

Grade Requirements

Graduate students enrolled in initial certification programs must achieve a C or above in all course requirements and a B- or above in all graduate program coursework. Failure to meet these requirements will require repeating the course &/or completing additional coursework.

Licensure Disclosure

Canisius University cannot determine whether completion of this program would be sufficient to meet licensure requirements outside of New York State for the intended occupation. We advise you to contact your state licensing board or appropriate licensing entity to determine whether the program meets requirements for Professional Licensure in the state where you are located or the state in which you intend to pursue licensure. Please contact the associate dean of your school if you have further questions.

Residency Program

This program may be completed through a traditional or residency pathway. Both pathways include scaffolded field experiences, but the traditional pathway culminates in two, seven week student teaching placements while a full year paid residency is the culminating experience for the residency pathway.


SPE 580Classroom Management3
SPE 541Inclusive Strategies3
TESL 583Linguistics, Literacy, & Second Language Acquisition3
EDCH 509Literacy and the Arts in the Elementary Classroom3
EDU 505Foundations of Education3
EDU 595Child Abuse Workshop0
EDU 596Prevention of School Violence Workshop 0
TESL 584Curriculum, Assessment, & Methods of Teaching Native Language Arts3
EDU 572Teaching Social Studies Integrating English Language Arts3
EDU 556Assessment for Diverse Learners3
EDU 615Research Methods3
EDCH 540Learning and Development Birth to Grade 63
EDU 628Teaching Math & Science: Supporting STEM Education3
EDU 570Pre-Student Teaching3
TESL 585Methods and Materials of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages3
TESL 587Evaluation Assessment in Bilingual/TESOL Education3
EDU 592Student Teaching Seminar0
EDCH 593Student Teaching: Childhood9
EDU 597Dignity for All Students Workshop0
TESL 586Methods of Teaching the Subject Areas in the Native Language3
Total Credits54

Course Requirements for Childhood 1-6/TESOL K-12

Candidates need the following course credits to pursue this dual-certification program.  They may be done before or concurrently with the program.

1.  English - 3 credit hours
2. Math - 3 credit hours
3. Science - 3 credit hours
4. Social Studies - 3 credit hours
5. Language Other Than English - 12 credit hours

First Year
SPE 541EDCH 540EDU 556
SPE 580EDU 572EDU 505
TESL 583EDU 628EDU 595
TESL 584TESL 586EDU 596
  EDU 615
Second Year
EDCH 509EDCH 571 
EDU 570EDU 592 
TESL 585EDU 597 
TESL 587