Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Leadership Society

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Financial investment by our young alumni will help to inspire the vision for the future of Canisius!

We look forward to welcoming our graduates of the last decade (2013-2023) as members of the Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Leadership Society at one of our varying membership levels. Each level of membership provides critical support for the Canisius and directly impacts our current students. Be a part of all the exciting things to come for our next generation of Golden Griffins!

Membership Level Outright Gift Monthly Gift
Griffin GOLD Leadership Level $250 $20/month
Blue & Gold GOLD Leadership Level $500 $40/month
Ad Majorem GOLD Leadership Level $1,000 $50/month

Members of the Graduates of the Last Decade Leadership Society also gain access to exclusive events on campus, as well as unique opportunities to interact with Canisius leadership and students:

Membership Experiences

Ad Majorem

Blue & Gold


Membership in the university-wide Leadership Society X    
Meeting with the President before Leadership Society event X    
Access to the hockey box X X  
GOLD Leadership Society event X X X
Discount code for all alumni events X X X
Donor appreciation basketball game X X X










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